Hi, I’m Kristine. I’m a Mom to two, co-founder of One Tough Mother, and I got sick of writing constant sales emails as a way to engage with the community that has supported our small business.

No. What I really want to have, instead, are conversations that dissect the things we care about. Ones that are actually fun and entertaining. This newsletter is about getting interested so we can be interesting – even as we wipe someone else’s butt.

This is a monthly or more publication that dives deep on the issues moms (and the mom curious) care about. Topics include anything from MLM culture, personal development, body positivity, gender politics, celebrities and pop culture, podcast recommendations and everything in between.

If it’s interesting, let’s talk about it.

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2) Paid subscribers. As we launch, the goal of this publication is not money. We want to create an arena to actually build connection with our mom and mom-curious community – as opposed to only ever sending product and sales emails…

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About One Tough Mother

After giving birth I was in shock. I was in pain, and struggling mentally and emotionally. I felt ready for birth, but no one prepared me for postpartum.

Then I had my second baby and it was night and day. I made sure I had everything I needed and I knew what to expect. It's never easy, but it was joyful.

Now Allison (who is a doula and childbirth educator) and I are on a mission to give that "second time experience" to everyone, every single time.

This about so much more than just a beautiful gift. We set new moms and parents up the information they need to have a more joyful entry into parenthood.

It's about empowerment in a box. Pass it on,

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One Tough Mother co-founder. Mom of two. Obsessed with TikTok.